The experience we have in stock encompasses many disciplines associated with the pro-creation of complete housing developments, which include, but not limited to:-

  • Schematic housing concepts and feasibility proposals.
  • Planning and urban design.
  • Home design.
  • Landscape Design
  • Medium density and Multi-unit housing.
  • Integrated development design.
  • Development applications.
  • Construction documentation.
  • 3D rendered visuals
  • BASIX accessing and energy rating
  • Marketing and sales plans


Personalised Commitment:


Green Tree Designs is a company, dedicated to the creation of first class sustainable residential communities. We take pride in providing exclusive and personal, one-to-one enthusiastic commitment for all projects we may undertake – large or small. Most importantly, we derive great satisfaction in providing a reliable and quality service, continuously working alongside our clients, sharing their vision, to achieve the same goals, regardless of budget or timeframe.